Quiver Wappo
Sit-on-Top kayak

Quiver Wappo

The Wappo is a simplified, plain sit-on -top version of our Comanche kayak, but it is far more appealing to the local paddler as it is well suited to our mild paddling conditions.  The Comanche and the Wappo share the same hull design which has been uniquely and perfectly created to accommodate both novice and
advanced paddlers.  We have also incorporated a number of below the waterline features into the hull to ensure stability, which means that the craft is sleek and fast without compromise.  All our kayaks are manufactured from an UV-stable super linear plastic which makes them extremely durable and long-lasting.

Length:   495 cm

Width:    57 cm

Weight:   25 kg's
Storage provisions:   1 small round 8" hatch, front and back.  Deck bungi for additional strapping
Max paddler weight:  120 kg's
Bonus features:   Rudder system with single up and down haul, easily adjustable foot peddles, unique one-way drainage valves with venturi system,  2 carry handles
Optional extras:    Rod holders for fishing, carry strap, specially designed spray deck