Bridge to Beach Hire
Sunday March 17, 2010.   
Sydney Harbour  to Manly Wharf

Northbridge Kayks offers 2 options.

1. Pick up and return the kayaks to Northbridge Baths. (Cheaper)

2.  Have the Kayaks delivered and Retuned for You

Note all kayaks will be reserved only when credit card details are supplied.  

 Note there is a $20 cancellation charge.

Kayaks will be able to be picked up after 1pm on Saturday and will have to be returnedby 6pm Sunnday .  Further Charges will apply after this time.

Click on the link below to see kayaks available and costs

Basic Sit On tops

$50 Pick Up - $150 Delivered

Double Sit On Tops

$70 Pick Up - $200 Delivered

Plastic Surf Ski

$70 Pick Up - $150 delivered

Double Sea Kayak 

$100 Pick Up - $250 delivered

4 Man Sit OnTop

$100 pick Up - $250 Delivered

Stand Up Paddleboards

$150 pick up - $250 Delivered


 Bridge to Beach Kayak Hire List